YOu are EITher with UNMEdicated Ortodox Jew or against me! I aM SICk and TIRed of all the Molestingse! and must STOP by all! the RabbIS who is MolestingsE them! Truths will be uncovered! Lies will be untold! I will ExpoSE EVERYONE!! No one Can STOP ME!!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007



I seen many things. I see n terrible horrible crimes all covered up. LOOK IN ANY BASEMENT IN BORO PARK YOU WILL KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. LIES!!!! LIES!!!! LIES!!!!

All the clowns!!! the clowns in their SHTREIMELS!!! they know what i am TALKING!!! about!!! all th coverups in their hevres!!! Tell me about YANKEL WHO CAME DOWN WITH HERPES. He said it was TB!!! I KNOW IT WAS HERPES BECAUSE YOU DON'T TAKE ANTIBIOTICS FOR TB!!! Where did he get it. I BET HE WAS MOLESTED!!!

I AM PRINTING MORE NAMES OF RABBIS I HAVE RECCIEVED CONFIDENTALLY!!! BECAuse theire is fear. But DO NOT FEAR ME unless you molEST!!! THEN I will wreak vennngance on you!!! I HAVE BLOG!!! I EXPOSE THINGS!!! MY WIFE IS A CHEERLEADER!!! Enough already with all the ltyings and thei lyings liars!!! I have blog!!!

Rabbi Smhuel X. Winston of Willmore Blvd, Queens, New Hampshire - Thousands of crimes. Too many to sPELL

Rabbi Gershon Gringers of Belle Harbor, California - MOLESTED SOMEONE!! MAYBE ME!!!



Sandy Wolshin neeee Mentalowitz said...

Don't forget, we are divorced, I'm not your wife anymore.

UnMedicated Orthodox Jew said...

MANilow, you CRAZIER than ME!!!

Anonymous said...

Very funny blog!

Do you have uojs address so maybe we can get a pic of his house from the new google maps streetview?

Anonymous said...

Hey Fievie, what kind of putz becomes a mehalel shabbat at age 57? What kind of lowlife are you?

The Real Leah Kleim said...

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We are actually GETTING TO HER, Boruch Hashem!

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Leah Says:


Ha Ha Ha Leah

The Joke is ON YOU Leah.

We win and you loose!

Leah, you sound like a 5-year-old saying that while playing in her silly little sandbox.

No one cares about the stupidity and ranting about how drunk you are today and if you feel like jumping on the tracks today or tomorrow instead.

What difference does it make.

No one cares about the little suicidal fuck called Leah Kleim.

Keep the entire blog to yourself!

Go right ahead and masturbate all by yourself.

Enjoy yourself!

And the 4 empty walls, watching you masturbate.

The only way you get any stats at all is only if you get naked.

Any ugly piece of shit, like Leah Kleim who will get naked will always find some looser watching.

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