YOu are EITher with UNMEdicated Ortodox Jew or against me! I aM SICk and TIRed of all the Molestingse! and must STOP by all! the RabbIS who is MolestingsE them! Truths will be uncovered! Lies will be untold! I will ExpoSE EVERYONE!! No one Can STOP ME!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Stop PSYCHOPAHT!!! RABBIS!!!! Molestings!!!!



WHAT I am a VOICE IN THE DARKNESS, a speaker for the millions and billions molested. I know everyone who has ever BEEN MOLESTED!!! IF YOU HAS EVER BEEN MOLESTED I PROBABLY KNOW ABOUT IT. But you should tell me anyway. I am in charge of all molesting.

In 3 months since I been blogging I uncovered huge amounts of molestings everything in yeshivas and other yeshivas and more yeshivas. Scandals are GOINGS ON AND BEING COVERED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE MUST SPEAK OUT!!!! I AM SOMEONE.!!! I AM ME. I AM UNORTHODOX UNMEDICATED ORTHODOX JEW.

I have seen many molestings. I maked this blog to speak out and protest against molestings. All molesterings in so-called """""FRUM""""" (KRUM!!!!!) WORLD ALL FEAR ME. They tremble to their socks at me. (Buy my -T-Shirt, 40 percent of 4 percent of proceeds sales goes to molesting. Support me. Buy T-SHIR!!!!T)

In West Winconsins VAAD, thousands been molested. Jewish Press lie and say there is no West Wiconsins, I ASK THEM THEN WHO WAS MOLESTED???? HOW LONG WILL YOU COVER UOJ THE MOLESTINGS THAT IS GOING ON INSIDE YOUR VERY EYES. I have speoken to thousands of millions of children scarred by lives for molestings. MOLESTINGS DRIVES ME CRZY!!!

I ask you how much longer!!! Their institutions must be thrownd out and buried under lawsuits. I am in contact with many lawyers. Some with degrees. I have scratches everywhere. Hives. I am scratching itching for justice. I smell justice IN MY SLEEP.



Steven Kraut said...

UOJ your courage is a true testament to someone like myself. I just adore your incredible hatred for Orthodox Jews. It's so much like my own.

Call me sometimes. We can do lunch and a bathhouse together.

Ta Ta

Anonymous said...

Daft, totally daft !